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“Embers” print.

Lino-cut on reclaimed paper.

This print was created for Evergreen Refuge: an ambient, folk-metal music project out of the woods of Colorado. “Seeking wildness and solitude in a self-destructive world” is the thesis of this project. Their stated intentions were written as the following:

“As a human animal trapped in the construct of civilization, I yearn for a return to our wildness. Wildness is at the core of the human animal’s spirit, though modernity has strayed us away from it”

I was inspired by their words and their music to create this print. The image is of a mother whose head is the skull of a wolf, who is shown nursing a wolf pup, one of her own, and a fawn. The connection between predators and prey is a strong one. They keep each other healthy by balancing their needs, reach and impact on the eco-system. Predators do not kill simply to destroy. This mother is caring for multiple offspring and is taking refuge in the trees, behind a wall of cat tails. She is keeping her children safe as a bull dozer is engulfed in flames at the end of a clear cut. Too close to her home, to her children, to the forest that protects her, the machine is reduced to embers. During the sketching, carving and printing of this image, I listened to all of the older Evergreen Refuge albums. This print is for Evergreen Refuge’s new album that is soon to be released entitled “Embers.” The lino-cut will be burned to a screen and printed for the c.d.s of this album, along with a limited edition run of patches.

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