I foresee justice for our communities
I foresee reproductive rights for all.Tasseography- I foresee the return of the trees, salmon, wolves and bees.I foresee the smashing of the patriarchyI foresee queer liberationI foresee decolonization and self-determination.I foresee the end of capitalism.I foresee a world without borders.

Tasseography Print


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Tasseography is the divination or art of telling fortunes by interpreting the symbols in tea leaves and coffee grounds. This piece is inspired by this art that has been handed down through the Armenian women of my family. The illustration shows the coffee plant growing out of the sleeves of the hands holding the cup with a top border of oriental poppies.

This is a 4 color (5 layer) screen print.

All prints are hand pulled and slight variation occurs. If you have a preference on receiving the gold or recycled light brown paper please feel free to add a note to your order.

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Dimensions8.5 x 11 in
I Foresee..

Justice for our Communities, The end of Capitalism, Decolonization & Self-Determination, The smashing of the Patriarchy, Queer Liberation, Reproductive rights for All, The return of the Trees, Salmon, Wolves & Bees, A world without Borders